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The island as a mental space.

Deserted Island with 15.000 inhabitants is a visual performance accompanied with music and reading from the map of the Island. The performance is arranged as inhabitants costumes fashion show. It is a meeting with the audience and the inhabitants of the Deserted Island, for which we aim to create suitable conditions. The inhabitants of the Island will introduce themselves by showing their costumes the number of which we settled on 15. At the same time, there were  eight young musicians adressed with a demand of recording a track for the Deserted Island with 15.000 inhabitants. The only criterium were the names of the tracks.  Besides, the show presents Zuzana Sceranková as the only performer, together with Natálie Rajnišová who will react to the recordings and the motion part by playing the Estonian harp. 

The Island is a piece of land, smaller than continent and bigger than a rock, which rises from the water. The deserted can stand for: uninhabited, isolated, desolate, neglected, lonely. Together with the audience, we would like to imagine us living on this Deserted Island. It is a self-dependent isolated ecosystem with a specific rules of law.

The Deserted Island with 15.000 inhabitants. In light of individual development, islands represent a distinct milieu. Because of the nurture deficiency, we are for example encountered with a form of dwarfisms, or contrarily, due to the lack of natural predators, with a form of giantisms. The whole parade is accomanied by reading a map- a life vest which audience obtain at the very beginning of the show.


The inhabitants are: 1. Glacier, 2. Cyclop, 3. Wind direction indicator by the landing strip that parts the Island, 4. Little Fire. 5. Gigantic form of Pleurophyllum criniferum, 6. Dying Marine Animal, 7. Dwarf Elephant, 8. Coconaty, 9. Boulder; 10. Small Boulder, 11. Ice-creamer at the beach, 12. Insect, 13. Color-blind inhabitant, 14. Elf, 15. treasure.

The Deserted Island with 15.000 inhabitants proposes to explore the intersection of theatre and visual arts.The juncture for us is the audience, the individual observers, the visitors of the Island and the sole encounter with them. We are interested in the crossover between performance and fashion show, between scenography and installation, we investigate when we perceive a costume as an object and when we understand it as a character, which part plays the soundtrack, and whether it is necessary to conceive the borders between the individual aspects of a project at all.


PREMIERE: 27.5. 2018, Prostor39

Deserted Island was also presented in INI Gallery, FAIT GALLERY, within 4+4 days in motion, FOTOGRAF gallery

AUTHORS: Zuzana Sceranková, Natálie Rajnišová a Emílie Formanová
MUSIC: Alfréd Schubert a Ján Mesány, Anders Christopherson, Honza Tomšů, Johannes van Bebber, Matthieu Fuentes,

Matyáš Bartoň, Michaela Švédová and Vojtěch Šaroun

PHOTO: Adéla Waldhauserová

GRAPHICS: Terezie Štindlová

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