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2022 - 2026           Ph.D. studies at DAMU, theme of the Collective costume in performance

2013 - 2019           Mg.A, DAMU, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre, scenography

2019 - 2020           Intership at Nowy Teatr, Warszawa, Poland

2017 - 2018           Student internship at Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Estonia

2007 - 2013           Gymnasium of Jan Neruda in Prague, french billingual section 

Scenographer, visual artist and musician.

The environment that suits her the best, is a place where theater collides with fine arts and music. In 2015 she created, in cooperation with Elie Dumas, a performance called Chamber of Minds, which consisted of exploring photographic analogue material and was staged at the MeetFactory Theater. In 2018 she played a role of a stage designer and a dramaturge in the making of the performance called Hopi-land, which was created for Alfred ve Dvoře Theater in Prague by a director Viktorie Vášová. In the same year she created with Jiří Adámek the inscenation Toodle-noodle for Minor Theater in Prague for children. In 2016, she participated in a creative team with Klára Hutečková, Zuzana Sceranková and Jiří Adámek in the i t  w i l l  q u i t  t h e  l i p s  performance, at the Disk Theater, which focused on the stage design as an autonomous part of a performance, and a research of a relationship between a body, costume and an object. Afterwards her subsequent author project with Zuzana Sceranková called Deserted Island Protects 15.000 Inhabitants added up to this research by enriching it by working with an extensive costume and music. In the autumn of 2019 she was as a stage designer of the project Liver at Dejvické Divadlo (direction Josefína Formanová). She speant the year 2020 partly in Warsaw as an assistant at the Nowy Teatr in collaboration with Krzysztof Warlikowski and subsequently Katarzyna Kalwat. Nowadays she cooperates with a group Ufftenživot where she participated in two projects: What’s happening with Sára Šimek Arsnstein and Sára Märcová and This is not a love song exploring the pop music. She is a member of a musical band 

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