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I T  W I L L  Q U I T  T H E  L I P S

From the experimental poetry of the sixties. On the edge of nonsense, abstraction, and metaphysics. Between words, words, and words again, there is only one solution: silence.

The authorial project is based on two anthologies of Experimental poetry and Roll the dice ( compiled and partly translated by Josef Hiršal anf Bohumila Grogerová ) and oscillates between movement, musical, and visual theatre. Using texts, sounds, objects, and lights a specific 3D landscape of speech is being created. It is a combination of playfulness, nonsense, and simultaneously a meaning that keeps fading to us. Words (even people) disappear before in front of our eyes and re-emerge in unexpected contexts. The deadlocks distract our attention, and the question keeps pressingly and repeatedly coming out: how (not) to get lost in the labyrinth of speech?

Based on some bits from the mentioned anthologies, the fundamental parts of the final script that are not just self-serving verbal or logical puns have gradually crystallized. These not only don’t thematize themselves and their form, but also something else. Thanks to that, they contain certain secret. Just as the authors of the texts extract words from lines, and letters from words, so is the object used discontinuously from its primary function (word as a word, object as an object). Similarly, Erwin Wurm uses the exposed presence of the object in his dislocated one minute sculptures, or Ján Mančuška in his installations.


PREMIERE: 22.10.2016, Theater Disk

AUTHORS: Jiří Adámek, Klára Hutečková, Natálie Rajnišová, Zuzana Sceranková

PHOTO: Michal Hančovský 

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