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The immersive production of Pomezí offers a complex fictional world of a frontier interwar town in which the audience can move freely and witness its gradual disintegration. The spectator can choose whom he or she pays attention to; whether they focus on one of the eleven characters and spend their time solely with the one particular, or whether they rather explore the corners of the town and try to uncover the secrets of a long-deserted place and its inhabitants with the help of some scenographic hints and clues.

Theatre Critics Award for Senography, 2016

Příští vlna/next wave..., Project of the year 2016

Divadelní noviny Award for Alternative theater 2016/2017

PREMIERE: 19.5. 2016 

AUTHOR TEAM: Lukáš Brychta, Štěpán Tretiag, Kateřina Součková

SCENOGRAPHY: Natálie Rajnišová, Eva Justichová, Tereza Gsöllhoferová

MASKS: Natálie Rajnišová

PHOTO: Natálie Rajnišová

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