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How can humanity communicate with cosmos? What would the first visit of extraterrestrials look like? And what if they have already been here?


Hopi-land is a devised performance based on an intuitive representation of myths and a desire to surround ourselves with the mysterious interconnection of words, movement and elements of documentary theatre. The piece creates a mosaic of texts and visual images that are arranged in a specific order of Däniken’s chains of information; the game of associations gives us the proof of the existence of aliens at the very end of our existence. But do we really believe in other civilisations? If so, can we find a proof of it? And do we actually need to believe in anything? Our ancestors had myths before we had science. So were they better at disclosing our world in its complexity than we are?


"Many thousands years ago, in the Stone Age, a huge spacecraft circled around our planet. A group of aliens acted like ethnologists. They studied tribes, learned their languages, gave them advice, and then said goodbye to them. This visit of E.T. became the starting point of all world religions. The extraterrestrials have become “gods” in the eyes of our ancestors. 

This is not a speculation or unsubstantiated hypothesis. Every reasonable person will inevitably get to the same conclusion. Who wants to know, knows.” (Erich Von Däniken)

PREMIERE: 15.6. 2018, Alfred ve Dvoře


DIRECTION: Viktorie Vášová


CAST: Barbora Bočková/Andrea Berecková, Martin Belianský, Maelane Auffray, Vojtěch Vondráček

PHOTO: Zbyněk Riedl
GRAPHICS: Natálie Rajnišová
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