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Pražgue Quadriennale, 2015, Cihelná 

PQ Squat has become an ideal place to spend free time within the international exhibition of scenography, in which mainly students have found a space for discussion and entertainment. The space was conceived as a large apartment, in which each room is assigned a certain function and from it then derives its visual concept. These functions may have changed during PQ. The visitor was thus still surprised and at the same time kept alert and insecure. He found here, for example, a greenhouse, cellar, bathroom, dormitory, home chapel, children's room, dining room, picture gallery, etc. During the opening hours of the PQ exhibition in Kavka's house she moved around the rooms and transmitted events from PQ Squat to screens in Kafka's house in the KALD DAMU exhibition. If people came to Cihelná Street on the basis of an invitation via video, they became part of the image transmitted to Kafka's house and influenced what other visitors saw in the exhibition.

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